Supporting Transformational Ministry

At a Glance

The Foundation and St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church are two separate organizations. Donations to The Foundation are never comingled with the day-to-day operating funds of the church. Over the past years, St. Andrew’s Foundation has funded Mission Jamaica, Vision Slovakia and Environmental Stewardship efforts; supported our Music Ministry and Youth Mental Health, the St. Andrew’s Community Resource Center and Habitat for Humanity; provided funding for Spark Bibles for kids; and supported seminary students.

Through these gifts, The Foundation seeks to match donor intentions with ministries that serve the needs of people in Christ’s name in the community, the nation, and around the world.

Directors of The Foundation have the legal and financial responsibility to preserve gifts and to make careful investment decisions using annually-produced income to fund Foundation distributions. We help our members identify their values and create personal legacies which enrich their faith and extend the ministries of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church.

For more information, or to talk with someone about entrusting your legacy to The Foundation, contact Christa Getchell, Executive Director of The Foundation by using our Contact Us form or by phone at 651.762.9102

We Support St. Andrew's Missional Efforts By

Serving in Christ's name through careful stewardship of donor assets.
Informing all about generosity as an extension of faith and witness to God's mission.
Connecting donors with appropriate resources to help them translate their heartfelt intentions into charitable legacies.